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Vanier Profile

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Vanier has a lot of character and has come a verylong way from what it used to be. The crime rate in this area has gone down, real estate prices have risen, new condominiums, restaurants, pubs, and shops have opened. Overall, Vanier has, for the most part, been able to shake its bad reputation, especially in the New Edinburgh, Lindenlea and Beachwood areas. Ultimately, Vanier is turning itself into a more desirable neighbourhood for movers and shakers, similar to Westboro or Glebe, slowly but surely. This neighbourhood can, hands down, be given the title of most up-and-coming area in Ottawa. Talk about going from rags to riches.

The best part about Vanier, is how close it is to the market and Sandy Hill; practically walking distance. As it is now, still being affordable and all, this area makes a perfect spot for young couples, families and students to live. Even more-so than Gloucester, residents of Vanier truly do get the best of both worlds, being close enough to enjoy the perks of downtown but far enough that they aren’t immersed in the hustle and bustle of it all. Vanier gives people the choice of enjoying the serenity of being so close to the Ottawa River, parks, schools, and residential areas, or taking a quick trip down Rideau Street to enjoy all it has to offer.

Vanier isn’t quite the “it” spot just yet, but it has made an incredible amount of progress in a short period of time, and is only going to continue to develop as its popularity increases. You can bet that in the next 5 years, the value of this neighbourhood will be a shocking contrast to what it used to be.  

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