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’Twas the Month After Christmas

’Twas the Month After Christmas

It’s 2018 and we’re knee deep in snow! The holiday season’s gone by fast as usual, and the frosty intensity of January and February is in danger of losing it’s festive charm. But this year you don’t have to let the snow into your soul — we’ve got the perfect way to keep you and your home bright and inspired through the rest of winter! This Glitter and Gold trend will help you keep that New Year Glow with you all the way ‘till March.

For the Living Space:

In the season of giving you’re sure to get some flowers. Why not be ready with a beautifully bright vase? And when you’re short of florals this statement piece can be used in the kitchen to store your favourite kind of tea.

Gold decorated boxes are the perfect items to transition from December to January — save yourself the wrapping time next year and use them to hide the kid’s gifts under the tree. For now, they’re perfect for charming storage!

This glittery rug comes in three colours, making it both versatile and unobtrusive
— match it to whatever decor you’ve already got and let it add
a little bit of shine to your home.

For the Bedroom:

We all know how dark the winter months are, and getting up on the right side of the bed when the morning is gloomy can be hard. If you’re looking for one simple way to transform your attitude, consider changing your bedding. It may seem trivial, but your bedding is one of the first things you see when you wake up, so why not wake up to something brighter than the sky outside?

If you’ve got white or off-white bedding and you don’t feel like committing to a whole new set, why not add a throw cushion or two to add a little cheer? These come in a few different shades of gold so you’re sure to find your perfect match!

Have we talked about how dark winter is?

These battery powered string lights are the surest way to brighten any home — they don’t require a plug which means you can hang them anywhere! Drape them over your headboard or try fitting them inside a glass jar!

For the Guest Bathroom:

Having company over is surely the best way to brighten up the gloomy months. Make sure your guest bathroom is welcoming and serene so your friends and family see the best of your home!

One way to get your powder room ready for its patrons is with this beautifully embroidered hand towel set! It’s a lot easier to feel romantic about snow when it’s drawn in glittery gold on a fluffy towel!

Finally, bring a little creativity into your home with this Custom LED Light Box — with detachable letters and symbols, you can customize a message for your guests!

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