J & J's Gibberish J & J's Gibberish: Art Therapy - Catch BESSYART Show

J & J's Gibberish: Art Therapy - Catch BESSYART Show

J & J's Gibberish: Art Therapy - Catch BESSYART Show

One mother's weekly journey in raising her special needs children. 

I have heard that painting and drawing can be a therapeutic endeavour, easing anxiety and stress. As one without one ounce of artistic talent, I actually find it to be the opposite because everything I produce looks like crap. Then again, I am told the product is not the goal, but the process is supposed to be the calming part.  Whatever. I have incredible respect for anyone who makes the tableaux that make us think, warm our hearts and decorate our lives.   

For Jacob, art, in every way it can be experienced, is in fact a calming thing.  He loves making it (Gotta Paint on Wellington--- great place) and he loves looking at it.  The National Gallery is a fantastic place to do both, of course, although some of the patrons are less than kind and patient to special needs kids…but art should be, and actually is, for everyone. That is why we like going to art openings that are family friendly.  One such event is taking place this weekend.  BESSYART (Bess Fraser) is having a show and has partnered with local developers Domicile, who will showcase her art from November 20th until the 23rd from 2 p.m.-6 p.m.,at their presentation centre on Main Street. Bring a chequebook and deal with Christmas shopping the easy way, in one place.

Animals and nature are the themes of the show. I know nothing about art but I do know that her art is soothing and it all just flows beautifully with a dreamy feel. That probably doesn’t make sense so just go and see her work for yourself.

Furthermore, as the weather has turned cold, Jacob and I look for things to do to fill up his day inside that do not involve a computer or screen time. (Nope, his school situation is not resolved… he is still in OCDSB limbo land).  Looking at art is something we are going to do more of… and of course visit museums.  (He will review the new Science and Tech Museum next week in Gibberish.  In fact, he will review that and the new Justice League movie so stay tuned for that next week)

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