Homes & NeighbourhoodsDeck the Halls! Merry and Marvellous Home Décor for the Holiday Season

Deck the Halls! Merry and Marvellous Home Décor for the Holiday Season

Deck the Halls! Merry and Marvellous Home Décor for the Holiday Season

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With Christmas just around the corner, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, and city streets are a whirlwind of tinsel, lights, and holiday cheer. As storefronts boast their newest collection of Christmas décor, it can be difficult to resist the urge to ditch your old Christmas tree skirt and stockings and redecorate with the newest and shiniest holiday decorations.

Luckily, achieving the perfect look for your home this Christmas can be quite effortless. If your walls need some holiday TLC (tinsel, lights, and cheer), look no further. Here are five home décor themes that will bring magic and sparkle to your home this holiday season.

1. Rustic winter cabin

There are few scenes more picturesque than a quaint log cabin in the snowy woods, with smoke curling out of the chimney and the smell of gingerbread in the air. Rustic Christmas décor creates a feeling of warmth and comfort and is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. The key to achieving this look is using buffalo plaid as the main motif in your home. Pairing a few eye-catching pieces – such as red-and-black plaid throw pillows, tree skirts, or table cloths – with wooden accents will make you feel like you are miles away from Ottawa in a cozy log cabin. All you'll need are the gingerbread cookies. 

2. Merry yet modest

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, less is often more. If there are too many colours, patterns, and textures in a single space, it can be hard to appreciate individual pieces because they are often overpowered by the mélange of other decorations. Simplicity can go a long way, and sometimes the humblest Christmas décor can also be the most striking.

Keep it simple this holiday season by choosing only a few of your favourite, most vibrant decorations. Bold, eye-catching statement pieces are perfect for this style, as they can be the centre of attention without being outshone by other decorations. This will also ensure your home feels merry and bright without looking too cluttered.

3. Glitter and gold

Ottawa transforms into a sparkling winter wonderland during the holiday season. From the snow-covered Parliament buildings to the twinkling lights on Sparks Street, Christmas in Ottawa is magical.

This magic can easily be brought into your home by blending neutral tones and adding a hint of sparkle. Pairing colours like white, gold, and silver with textures that twinkle and shine will transform any space into a dazzling yet elegant indoor winter wonderland. Glittering gold tree ornaments, twinkling indoor lights, and shiny silver decorations will contribute perfectly to this stunning look.

4. Blue, blue, blue Christmas

Although Elvis’s song may suggest otherwise, the colour blue can bring beauty and joy to any home during the holidays. Particularly when paired with silver and white, shades of blue offer a fresh and stylish alternative to the traditional red and green, and will catch the eye of any guest as soon as they step foot inside your door.

Give your home an elegant yet effortless holiday makeover by pairing hues of dark blue, silver and white; or create a space that is whimsical and lively using a daring turquoise! With this type of home décor, you won't feel blue this holiday season.

5. Classic Christmas

Despite the new line of home décor that is released each year, there’s a reason the aisles in home stores are still flooded with red and green during the holiday season. Traditional holiday décor is simply timeless.

Decorating your home in classic red and green fosters a feeling of familiarity and evokes nostalgia for guests. Incorporating sentimental, antique, or even homemade decorations will add novelty to any room, giving it a classic look with its own unique twist. So, dust off your nutcrackers, homemade stockings, and embroidered tree skirt, because they'll never go out of style.                                                                                              

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