Best PicksBring more and pack less with the R?M Pack

Bring more and pack less with the R?M Pack

Bring more and pack less with the R?M Pack

The R?M Pack and R?M Outdoors were born with the idea of being a versatile backpack to help you look, feel and perform your best while you’re out there, doing what you do and exploring new places to which you never dreamed of going, and places that you never thought you could go.

A 3-in-1 system, the R?M Pack is a backpack you can fully transform into either a wearable poncho with a hood or a blanket that’s soft on one side and water resistant on the other.

The R?M Packhas adventure’s necessities built right in, so you can bring more of what you want –and always have what you need.

There’s no excuse for leaving stuff behind since it has a large capacity with over 3,000 cubic inches while the wide, padded straps distribute the weight of your gear for even comfort. How does it do it? Its chest and waist straps wrap around you and fasten, helping to evenly distribute the pack’s weight.

The R?M Pack has an insulated poncho. You only need to unzip, unfold then pull out the hood. Snap the buttons along the side and there you have it: instant protection from the elements

While the R?M Pack is being used as a poncho or blanket, the Inner Pack drawstring liner can be used for stowing and carrying your other cargo.

The pack also works as a foldout blanket. One side is soft fleece; the other is durable, water resistant fabric that smooths it out for a picnic or to watch the sunset in perfect comfort!

The Arno straps are strong and secure, these straps can hold items like umbrellas, hiking poles, rifles, tripods—whatever makes your adventure complete.

The R?M Pack has a hidden zippered pocket compartment for storing smaller items which are also important for your adventure.

It also has removable saddlebags that are two completely detachable pouches that can stay together or be disconnected in one click. Great for snacks, toiletries and other on-the-go necessities. 

The brand knows that it is essential to keep always water, keys and smaller accessories close by for easy access. For that reason, they created the dual side mesh pockets as one of the most outstanding parts of this pack.

What is more, the DWR fabric keeps the outer fabric from being saturated, helping to maintain a warm, insulated poncho inside. The R?M Pack is durable; water-resistant fabric repels moisture, rain, and cuts down dry time!

Fastening clips, to keep shoulder straps securely in place by adjusting your pack so that it fits just right, and Molle Straps & Webbing, to use carabiners to hook on additional gear, keeping it handy and outside of the pack for easy access are some of the many features of this wonderful pack.

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