Best PicksBayne's Best Pick: MyEndlessID Pet

Bayne's Best Pick: MyEndlessID Pet

Bayne's Best Pick: MyEndlessID Pet

You never know what the future will bring, that’s why it’s smart to always be prepared. Prep your furry family members for numerous situations with MyEndlessPetID. No matter how well-trained your pooch (or cat) may be, there's always the chance that it might take off on a solo-adventure with out. In the off-chance that your pet gets lost, MyEndlessID Pet helps anyone who finds it get important information on who they are, where they belong, and if they have any special medical conditions.

This tiny tag uses cutting-edge NFC (near-field communication) technology, which allows anyone who may have found your pet have access to their medical history and alert you of their situation via a direct message. The NFC emits small radio waves similar to that used by Google Wallet or Apple Pay, which provides vital information about your pet to any capable smartphone with a simple tap.  If your pet's tag is ever activated, an alert will be sent to you phone along with your pet's geo-location. Three different forms of alerts can be chosen to alert you when your pet's tag has been read: text, phone call, or email.

The EID tag is easy to set up, with only three steps to get you going (the first step being simply purchasing the tag). Once you've received your tag, you can easily activate it and complete the questionnaire form by filling in your pet's info. After that's done, sit back and enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your pet will be safe should anything happen! The tag has no batteries, never requires charging, and is water resistant for those pets who love rainy days or puddle jumps. At only $20, it's an affordable price to pay for some piece of mind!

My humans and I had the opportunity to try one out ourselves and we loved just how quick easy it was to set up. The MyEndlessPet ID tag is super light and doesn't drag down my collar or clank annoyingly against the metal. Since I'm a rambunctious pup who loves sprinting after tennis balls and I have a history of losing my ID tags, we just made a slight modification to the tag so that it hangs more securely onto my collar. We also loved how the tag made important information accessible to those who need it. It keeps my medical information gathered all in one place so it's easy for my parents, or anyone else who scans my tag, to access should they ever need to check something. This includes my insurance info, my emergency contacts, any allergies I might have, and even what medications I'm might be taking. That way if I'm ever found without my humans around, they can quickly scan and see what I need to stay in tip top shape before I head home. 

You can check out the EID Pet Tag on their website here, and order one on from their shop for your pet. 

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